Tax Reminder System (TaxRem)

The Tax Reminder System is designed to, in an expedient manner, advise Tax Administration’s clients (taxpayers) of issues, events or transactions requiring their attention. In so doing, the system has helped to realize improvements in service delivery, revenue collections and taxpayer compliance.
The system has been developed and implemented in two phases. The system advises taxpayers (who have registered for the service) of certain past due and/or up-coming events in relation to certain transactions with Tax Administration Department. The advice is communicated to taxpayers via text messages to mobile phones and/or e-mail address as provided by the taxpayer. When fully completed, the system will send reminders to taxpayers in relation to:

  • GCT returns and/or payments
  • Motor Vehicle Registration Certificates
  • Motor Vehicle Certificates of Fitness
  • Income Tax returns and/or payments
  • PAYE returns and/or payments
  • Tax Compliance Certificates
  • Stamp Duty and Transfer Tax Documents
  • Drivers’ Licence Expiry