Quality and Release Management

The Quality and Release Management Department comprises two units, the Quality Assurance Unit (QA) and the Change and Release Management Unit. The Quality Assurance unit provides Software Testing services utilising International Software Testing Methodologies. The QA Unit is staffed with Internationally Certified Software Testing (ISTQB) Quality Assurance Analysts with a wealth of experience spanning anywhere between five to fifteen years. The Unit’s mandate is to provide verification that the applications developed and acquired by the organisation meet the requirements of the intended users. The Change and Release Unit is staffed with Business Analysts who are charged with the responsibility of managing changes to the QA and Production environments.

Collectively both units’ services include:

1. Coordination of User Acceptance Testing exercises.

2. Training of users on System Acceptance Testing techniques.

3. Conducting Software Quality Assurance review throughout the system development life cycle.

4. Ensure collaboration of all technical areas prior to the release of applications to the production environments.

5. The approval of changes for deployment to production through the establishment of a Change Advisory Board.