Nurses & Midwives License Information System (NMLIS)

The Nurses & Midwives License Information System was developed and implemented for the Nursing Council of Jamaica (NCJ) in February 2006. The system has its origin in a request from the NCJ in March 2005 against the background of a previously manual operation for the processing of license applications, and an imminent increase in licence renewal applications.

The system improves operational efficiency, data integrity and client services and satisfaction at the NCJ. In furtherance of these objectives, it seeks to:

  • Automate the processes associated with license application submission, processing and approval (or denial), license suspension and receipting and accounting for license application fees
  • Automate the actual production of the licenses
  • Maintain a database of all applications and licensees to facilitate the production of a number of analytic and control reports to guide management decisions and the operations of the NCJ.