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Leave us out! FID, media want exemption from Data Protection Act

The Financial Investigations Division (FID) and the Media Association of Jamaica (MAJ) yesterday joined the umbrella group representing the island's journalists asking to be exempted from the proposed Data Protection Act which the Government is seeking to have passed in Parliament.

The FID and the MAJ made submissions to the Joint Select Committee of the House of Representatives, with acting director of the FID's legal unit, Alethia Whyte, outlining several critical areas which, she said, could be of conflict, given the nature of the division's work, which involves investigation into money laundering, financial crimes and corruption.

At the same time, MAJ Chairman Christopher Barnes argued that some of the obligations imposed under the Bill, as proposed, would have grave consequences on the media's ability to provide news to the citizens of this country, and infringe on constitutional rights.

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