Licensing Management Information System (LMIS)

The License Management Information System Release 1 was developed and implemented for Jamaica’s Transport Authority in September 2004 with the objectives of:

  • Reducing the time spent by taxpayers applying for road licenses in the offices of the Transport Authority and, in traveling between that organization and the Jamaica Tax Collectorates in order to secure road licenses and commercial carrier and public passenger plates
  • Expediting the license processing (and delivery) time
  • Improving data integrity and consistency within and between the motor vehicle data maintained by the Jamaica Tax Collectorates in the Automated Motor Vehicle System (AMVS) and that of the LMIS.
  • Improved operational efficiencies and controls in the processing of road licenses applications and the accounting for fees collected, through:
    • Automated interfaces with Jamaica’s Tax Administrations’ TRN, AMVS and TCC systems to validate documents presented by applicants.
    • Automated interface with the Jamaica’s Transport Authority’s general accounting system for the posting of charges relating to fees collected.
    • Automated interface and controls between the “Cashiering” and the “License Printing” modules of the system.

In December 2008, the online payment and application submission module was implemented. Through this facility, applicants for Commercial Carrier (CC) licences are able to submit applications and effect related payments via the Internet.