Integrated New Cash Remittance System (INCRS)

The INCRS enhances the tax collection machinery in all Collectorates in Jamaica.
Major benefits include:

  • Providing a reconcilable system for the receipt of taxes and fees
  • Faster processing of revenue transactions
  • Providing an interface to other systems
  • Uniquely identifying each transaction by Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN), Property Valuation Number, Motor Vehicle Identification Number, or Traffic Ticket Number – where applicable
  • Uniquely identifying each user and providing an audit trail for each user’s activities on the system
  • Enabling the system to accept cheque payments for more than one Motor Vehicle Transaction
  • Enabling the system to generate fixed or flat rates automatically for specific tax-types and fees based on predefined parameters, without the cashier’s intervention
  • Allowing for the acceptance of credit cards as a payment type.