ICT Consultancy Service

eGovJa has been the premier IT service provider for GOJ revenue departments and agencies for the past twently seven (27) years. Using the creative and innovative skill sets of our employees, we have delivered quality products and services for a variety of business solutions. This experience has afforded us the ability to transform your business to meet the technological challenges of today’s world.

Workspace Planning and Design

Creation of comfortable work environment through the provision of space planned layout drawings designed to reduce congestion and to comply with the safety standards of your organization.

Systems and Security Audit Assessments

Data security is essential for most businesses. Client information and organizational information can be hard to replace and potentially dangerous if obtained by unscrupulous individuals (hackers) or a malware infection. It should be noted that Data can also be lost to natural disasters which makes it imperative to continuously exam and apply the necessary risks measures to ensure business continuity.

As the primary custodian of GOJ critical data which includes tax records, trade data, licensing information and financial data our expertise in data security and integrity eGovJa is adept at providing valuable support to our clients by performing security vulnerability scans, reviewing application and operating system access controls, and analyzing physical access to the systems.

Requirements Management

We analyze, document, validate and manage software or systems requirements. By doing so, we fulfill new or upgraded product needs.

ICT Procurement

Supporting our clients in the acquisition of a wide gamut of IT systems and related infrastructure including application software, operating systems, database management systems, networks, hardware, PBX systems, UPS.

ICT Project Management

Our deep-rooted experience in applying the relevant knowledge, skills and techniques for large and complex projects within the public and private sector will transform your business operations and provide the ideal outcome for customers and stakeholders.