GER app

The GER App is an online application which supports the management of the operations of the Government Electrical Regulator (GER) with key objectives to:

  1. a) Improve the efficiency in inspecting electrical works which is a key contributor to GoJ’s ease of doing business rating,
  2. b) Enhance the professionalism within the industry and in so doing improve its appeal as a career path for bright minds, and
  3. c) Increase transparency and public accessibility to services related to electrical works and inspection, provided by approved professionals.

The GER application is used by Electricians, Electrical Inspectors and the general public (Customers).

  1. Electricians record the details of all electrical work performed, such as any work and drawings related to electrical installations done on a premises
  2. Electrical Inspectors review and approve/reject work that was completed by an electrician.
  3. Customers use the platform to make requests for installations and inspections. Customer may request a specific electrician and inspector to carry put the necessary jobs.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Mapping is utilized to detect exact location of premises and not rely solely on addresses provided.


It’s Easier: Applying for electrical inspection or trying to find a qualified electrician got a whole lot easier.

It’s Faster: Customers, Registered Electricians and Licensed Inspectors together on one platform to speed up the process for the access to electricity.

It’s Safer: A safer experience which facilitates the modernization and efficiency of the electricity sector.