Fiscal Administration Modernization Programme (FAMP)

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has provided loan financing to the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) for financing of the GOJ’s Fiscal Administration Modernization Program (FAMP) project. The loan of $USD 60 million dollars was signed on December 9, 2011 and project execution commenced in November 2012.

The main objective of the Program is to support the GOJ in achieving a sustainable fiscal position by the strengthening the MOF’s institutional capacity to effectively, (a) Improve customs and inland tax collections and (b) Manage debt and government payment operations.

The Program comprises four (4) components with related Information and Communications Technology (ICT) elements as follows:

  • Component I. Modernization of the Tax Administration:  Systems for modernizing of the physical and technological infrastructure, of foremost importance, the acquisition of a new integrated taxation administration system.
  • Component II. Strengthening Customs Control and Security: Various ICT systems including C87, Risk Management, Business Intelligence (BI), electronic manifest, Warehouse and Human Resources (HR) systems
  • Component III. Strengthening the Debt Management System: Systems for strengthening the front, middle and back office operations of the DMU.
  • Component IV. Strengthening the Central Treasury Management System: Modernization of the technological and physical infrastructure of the Accountant General Department.

Given that ICT constitutes a large portion of the program delivery, the Bank and the Ministry of Finance agreed that eGov Jamaica Limited, the primary government-owned provider of ICT services, would provide the ICT procurement and consultancy services required for achievement of the Program objectives.  Accordingly as of November 2012, eGov Jamaica Ltd. has been undertaking procurement of ICT items for the program.