Data Centre Services

eGovJa has a state of the art Tier-2 Compliant Data Centre with an established infrastructure that meets international standards for computer rooms. Our facility has twenty four (24) hour accessibility under controlled conditions featuring advanced Access Control System inclusive of CCTV video surveillance system. Other features include redundant UPS and standby generator systems, raised flooring, waterproof and fireproof vault, large fuel storage capacity for standby generators and fire suppression system which is compliant with current environmental standards. Environmental controls are in place for temperature and humidity and we are a secured facility located away from areas prone to flooding and civil disturbance. The facility’s communications infrastructure is interconnected to major Telecommunication providers.

Offsite Media Storage

Data security is of paramount importance to us at eGovJa. We offer Offsite Data Storage Services to store backup media in a secure, environmentally safe location.

Disaster Management Services

eGovJa provides reliable Disaster Management Services as part of its contingency plan for data security. Our clients can be assured that their data is secured through the provision of Co-location Hosting and Offsite Media Storage.

Co-location Hosting

Our co-location server hosting facility, ranges from a single 1U server, ½ rack, 1/3 rack, and full rack. Clients may provide their own rack or use one provided by eGovJa.