Bureau of Standards Trade System (BSTS)

The Bureau of Standards Trade system (BSTS) is an automated system, which facilitates collection, processing and transfer of import and export information between Bureau of Standards of Jamaica (BSJ) and Jamaica Customs in order to ensure market quality and compliance with international trade recommendations in the areas of product standards and regulations.
The Import module, which was implemented during the last quarter of the 2006/07 fiscal year, allows the BSJ inspectors to be notified when sensitive items are being imported in advance of clearance. When the entry is validated and passed by a supervisor, the entry is then sent to the BSJ who will indicate if an inspection is required. If such an inspection is required, the entry is updated with the appropriate instructions, which are printed on the payment receipt. Thess instructions will initiate inspection of a particular shipment by the BSJ personnel at the wharf.
The other aspect of the BSTS system is the Export Module, which facilitates electronic submission and processing of applications for export certification of items regulated by BSJ.